Monday, April 10, 2023



Artist: John Freda – His painting, Jesus appears to Mary, is in the chapel at Loyola House, Guelph Ontario. Main idea for painting inspired by John English S.J. former director


Remember, begin by asking the Lord to make you aware in His presence and offering to Him your time and your self. Where this fits in salvation history. Jesus had died on the cross and His Spirit had gone down among the dead to declare the great Good News that they will rise on the day the Father has appointed. Then His Spirt returns to the tomb and inspires His cold, battered flesh, Straightway, He goes to His mother, the Lady Mary.

v  Imagine His coming to her. Stay to hear what they say, to see what they do, and to let them share with you what they experienced together.

v  Consider, then, that Jesus Christ is God and mighty Lord. How did he manifest His divinity to His mother?

v  Consider, too how He consoled His mother after her sufferings.

v  The talk with Jesus or His Mother, or with the Father.     End with the Lord’s Prayer.


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