Thursday, December 31, 2020

Don't let Jesus pass by


Don’t let Jesus pass by 

December 21, 2020

The Fourth Sunday of Advent shifts from preparing a focus on John the Baptist and the need to be awake and ready for the coming of Christ into our lives. Instead it offers, as Luke's gospel reports, Mary’s yes to the angel made it possible for the birth of Jesus.(Luke 1:26-38 )

Her example is important for us to reflect on these last few days before we celebrate Christmas. Just think what her story tells us.

First, she is attentive to the word of God spoken to her.

Secondly, her ‘yes’ without reservation indicates her complete trust in God. She has no idea where this yes will lead: 
  • What risks she must face; 
  • What pains she must suffer.
Mary’s ‘yes’ is also a reminder that God comes to us in many different ways.

Mary’s example is an invitation to be attentive to the word of God that speaks to us in our everyday life and situation. Mary asks us to be alert to those moments when an angel from God is sent to us.

When Pope Francis reflected on this thought, he said: a saint used to say: “I am afraid that the Lord will come”. Do you know what the fear was? It was the fear of not noticing and letting Him pass by.

Now we might respond, "The Lord will never come to me as he did with Mary." This is likely true, but the Lord does come to us in many different ways. Consider for a moment: 
  • When we feel in our hearts: “I would like to be a better man, a better woman…. "
  • Or, " I regret what I have done" …"I want to do better." 
  • Or, I feel a little tug at my heart to do more, or I need to slow down,
THIS IS JESUS KNOCKING – don’t let Him pass by!

Scripture readings for the Fourth Sunday of Advent, Year B, are as follows: 2 Samuel 7.1-5, 8b-12, 14a,16; Ps. 89.1-2,3-4,26+28, (R. 1a); Romans 16.25-27; Luke 1:26-38

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